trading services

NORRTECH TRADING L.L.C. was formed to provide our clients a complete solution in electromechanical services. The division compliments the requirements of the technical services division by procurement of specialized products required by our clients in various sections of electromechanical works. We specialize in electrical products for lighting, power cables for special application e.g cables for extreme conditions, welding cables, cables for petrochemical application and general building wires. Some of the products that we stock and promote are:

  • NORRKAB cables for building application-AUSTRALIA
  • NORRLITE lighting & fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting-AUSTRALIA
  • SUN cables for welding applications - INDIA
  • SUN cables for special applications in petrochemical industry, underground cables, underwater cables, high fire resistant and fire retardant cables, customized cables for special applications.-
  • NORRLITE industrial lighting products
  • Stockists for KEDBROOKE lighting
  • Stockists for HAGER electrical breakers
  • LED lighting products
  • CAEG ,Germany
  • HINDS USE Aircraft warning Lighting
  • FURSE UK Earthing and lighting accessories
  • PERKINS, FG WILSON –Generators
  • BRITCOM-Lighting fixtures from MALAYSIA
  • NORR- Switches and Sockets-AUSTRALIA